Olamina Commons (on Robinhood Road)

Urban CoHousing MicroVillage growing in Winston Salem

How do you want to live? What is community to you?


We are planting a residential microvillage on a 4 acre lot on Robinhood Road in Winston Salem!

Picture a diverse and multigenerational mix of owners, renters and rent to owners. We will each have our own private small house and share resources (like a common house, pool, greenhouse and media room).

Mutual aid, equal energy exchange and redistribution of wealth are foundational to what we are growing here.

Early stage (Funding founders) 

If you can qualify for $350-400K construction loan, and are serious about co-creating a community experiment, join the conversation

Or if you want a spot to drop your tiny house, there are also starter opportunities soon for that.

Coming Soon

Join us as we turn talk into action ... building housing, equitable relationships, and new community models 


What can we build here?

Planning to begin soon, but we know there is PLENTY of room with existing frontage to put 4 houses and 4 ADUs in sites 8-11 OR the upper 1.85 acres is a great size for a court and up to 14 cotttages.

The bottom 2.4 acres has the existing house/greenhouse, pool, garden shed. There are already a few flat places to drop a manufactured home (One up the dirt drive in lot 12 (where the basketball court is), one where the garden shed is now.


Founding Investor (& future resident): 

Rayellen Kishbach, Winston Salem - I have been inspired by, learning and practicing community skills for a long time, including living in cohousing, creating community gathering places, and participating in and facilitiating circles and retreats. The initial spark for Olamina Commons is mine, and I'm looking forward to sharing the process.

Realtor (& future property manager): 

Johanna Kelley, Owner PMI of the Triad https://www.propertymanagementinc.com/pmi-triad/ 

Village visioner: 

We will be seeking support from Mark Lakeman, founder of Communitecture Architecture and the City Repair Project. 

Other projects from Communitecture: Cully Green Cohousing, Cully Grove Cohousing, Sabin Green Cohousing, Mason Street Townhomes (Cohousing), Peninsula Park Cohousing, Ruth's Littlest Village (Cohousing) https://www.communitecture.net/ 

More details

Robinhood 2nd driveway, basketball court

and spiders (2 min)

Robinhood pool and middle lot


Front walkway and porch


Breezeway, Back Garden, Greenhouse



Den, Living room, fireplaces

Greenhouse (Reptile room) short

Living Room, Dining Room, French Doors

Pink Bathroom

Half bath short

1958 Mid Century Modern  1 level house with 550 sq foot greenhouse addition.